Monday, April 26, 2010

Multi-Level Marketing

About two month ago I wrote about Network Effects. What fascinates my in Network Effects is their exponential nature. Our human brain is used to think about linear phenomena. It is very hard for us to deeply understand and predict exponential phenomena.
Another exponential economic phenomena is the phenomena of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). This is a way to build a marketing organization by compensating an affiliate marketer for bringing more affiliate marketers to market the company's product or service.
A powerful combination is to combine MLM and the web to create Online MLM. This is a powerful economic activity which harness the power of the online world to do marketing in a wide scale.
There are many who think MLM is just a scam. You can find a good criticism of MLM in the following link: Even though the criticism can have merits in some MLM plans, I don't think it proves that MLM plans can't produce a good, healthy and stable organization.
In a later post I plan on showing why Vandruff's arguments does not rule out all possible MLM's programs. But in the meantime you can try a some Online MLM yourself. Choose a program in the Internet MLM page and join it using my sponsorship link.


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